Retiree benefit is a plan for the retired public servants who were active members of the Fund before attaining retirement age. Under this plan, the retired member will enjoy free health insurance services together with his/her spouse for rest of their life.

Registration Process

1.Submission of retiree application form (NHIF1b) from Public Servant who have retired from employment at age of 55 (voluntary) or 60 (Compulsory) years;

2.Contributed to the Fund for at least 120 months (10years of contribution) whereby each month is considered to be one credit; incase the credits are less than required, a member will be required to pay top up amount that will be calculated by the Fund

3.All NHIF Membership Cards issued previously by the Fund to be surrendered;

4.Submit a copy of a retirement letter or Retirement Notice from his or her Employer.

Cessation of Membership
- Retiree membership will cease upon death.