Taasisi Binafsi

NHIF provides an opportunity for employees in Non-public institutions such as private companies, associations, NGOs, etc. to be registered with the Fund. These institutions should be registered under legal arrangements of the country.

Registration Process

Registration of a Non-public institution commences upon receipt of an application from the institution. Formalization of the registration process requires submission of the following documents:-

  1. Dully filled employer’s registration application form;
  2. Certificate of Registration;
  3. Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Certificate;
  4. VAT Certificate;
  5. Employees’ details;
  • have not less than ten (10) employees,
  • include all her employees* to be registered with the Fund, and
  • have been in operation for at least Six (6) months.
  • Closure of the business
  • Failing to meets its obligations as stated in the Act

An employee of a Non-public institution who is a member of the Fund will cease membership due to:-


Termination from employment;

Failure to contribute to the Fund; and

Any other circumstance which in the opinion of the Board shall be considered as a factor for cessation of membership