Bima ya Afya kwa Watumishi wa Umma

NHIF provides affordable health insurance services to employees from the public sector. This group is statutorily required by the NHIF Act CAP 395 RE 2015 to join the Fund. Institutions covered under this sector include the following: -

  • i)Government Ministries;
  • ii)Independent Government Departments;
  • iii)Government Agencies; and
  • iv)Local Government Authorities.

Beneficiaries under this arrangement are employee, spouse, and four dependents who are either his/her children and/or parents of either side.

Registration Process

Public employers are not required to submit formal registration application. The employer however, is required to submit employees’ information together with the required contributions. In this context, the employer is required to coordinate registration of his employees including distribution and collection of her employees’ dully filled NHIF1 forms to facilitate production of Membership Identity Cards.

An employee will be required to do the following to obtain membership cards after his/her employer is registered with the Fund:-

  • He/she should dully fill the membership registration form (NHIF1). The form must be attached with: -

-Colored passport size photo for all intended beneficiaries.

-Copies of relevant certificate(s) to indicate relationship with each of his/her dependent(s)

-Copies of valid NIDA Identity Cards for employee

-Copies of valid NIDA Identity/ Passport/Voters ID/Driving License for spouse and/or parents.

Contribution Arrangements

Members from the public sector are obliged to contribute to the Fund a total of 6% of their monthly basic salary which is equally shared between employer and employee.

Contributions shall be remitted within one month after the last day of contribution month to which it relates.

Cessation of Membership

Membership of an employee shall cease under the following circumstances:-

  • Death;
  • Termination from employment;
  • Failure to contribute to the Fund for three consecutive months; and
  • Any other circumstance which in the opinion of the Board shall be considered as a factor for cessation of membership.

Note: For retired members, refer to the retiree benefits information.