NHIF offers Health Insurance to students of Higher Learning Institutions for the period he/she is a registered student. A student who is a member of NHIF will access medical services with his/her card at any accredited facility throughout Tanzania. This health insurance cover for students does not involve student’s dependents.

Students who are already beneficiaries of the Fund will not be supposed to register again under this category. Such students will be required to submit their ID to NHIF’s office for confirmation.

Registration Process
Students will be required to follow the procedures below:-

    • To be registered through their respective Institutions
    • To fill NHIF registration forms with their personal information. Forms are available at the NHIF offices, respective Institutions and NHIF website.
    • Forms must be attached with two (2) recent coloured passport size photos.
    • Dully filled forms should be submitted at the respective institution.
    • NHIF ID card will be collected from the respective institution.
    • To renew membership annually

Contributiion Arrangements
An Institution will be responsible for collection of student’s annual contributions at the beginning of every academic year.

Cessation Of Membership
Student’s membership will ceases when the following circumstances occur :-

      • Discontinuation,
      • Dismissal,
      • Graduation,
      • Death.

Students will be required to surrender their IDs to their respective institution or NHIF offices immediately after cessation of their membership.