NHIF provides affordable and accessible health services to employees in various institutions. According to the NHIF Act, employers and employees in the public sector are obliged to register themselves and not more than four (4) of their respective legal dependants.

A public institution is the one which is owned and controlled by the state.

Registration Process
An employee in the public sector wanting to register to the National Health Insurance Fund should do the following:

      • He /she should fill membership registration form that he/she will be given by their employers
      • He/she should submit two passport size photos for him/herself, spouse and dependants.
      • He/she should submit their check numbers

Contribution Arrangements
Employees in the public sector are obliged to contribute to the Fund a total of 6% of their monthly basic salary which is equally shared between employer and employee.
That is, 3% of the employee’s monthly salary and the remaining 3% of the same amount is contributed by the employer.

Cessation Of Membership
An employee in the public sector will cease membership in the following circumstances:

      • Death of an employee
      • Termination from employment
      • Retirement from employment
      • Dismissal from employment
      • Any other act that may terminate the employment of a member.

However, a person who was a beneficiary of the Fund shall be entitled to the benefits package for a period of three months after the occurrence of any of the above circumstances.