NHIF provides an opportunity for private groups of entrepreneurs in various sectors of the economy to register their group members with their dependents. Since the commencement of the Fund in 2001, it has been expanding its coverage with the aim of attaining the National goal of Better Health for All.

KIKOA is a health insurance scheme for groups in the informal sector e.g. VIBINDO, SACCOS, AMCOS, VIKOBA and special groups of registered entrepreneurs like motor cycle ( boda boda) drivers, food vendors or any other entrepreneurial group.

If a group that has been operating for over a year registers with KIKOA, it will provide an opportunity for its members who have been active for six months or more to register themselves with NHIF and get NHIF medical cards for treatment when they get sick.
A member of KIKOA has an opportunity of registering his/her spouse and four other legally recognized dependents who can be children (of below 18 or 21 if they are still in school), parents and his/ her spouse’s parents.

Registration Process

      • The specific group with the required recommendations will fill out special forms provided by the Fund and get into a contract with the Fund.
      • Members of the group will fill out NHIF Registration Forms with their personal information.
      • The group will be responsible for collecting contributions of the NHIF registered members and submitting them to NHIF
      • All registered members will be issued with NHIF Identity Card which will be used throughout the year.
      • For registration or further assistance, group members should visit the NHIF offices located throughout the country

Contribution arrangement
Members of the KIKOA will be required to contribute a total amount of TZS 76,800 on a yearly basis and they will be issued with NHIF Medical Card to be used for medical treatment in over 6,000 accredited Health facilities registered by NHIF in the country.

Cessation Of Membership

    • Death of an employee
    • Card expiry, membership has to be renewed yearly.
    • If a member violates the rules and regulation of the Fund.
    • Dismissal from group.
    • Any other act that may terminate the employment of a member.