NHIF provides an opportunity for private companies in various sectors of the economy to register their employees with their dependents just like in government institutions in the United Republic of Tanzania.

A private company is a commercial organization that operates on a for-profit basis and participates in selling goods or services to consumers. The company should be registered as per Act No.12 of 2002, Cap 213 of company’s registration in Tanzania. The company may operate in any socio-economic sector regarding laws and regulations of the country.

Registration Process
Any private company wanting to register its employees with the National Health Insurance Fund should consider the following:

  • Should have not less than two permanently employed workers;
  • Minimum salary for the lowest paid employee should not be less than the minimum wage set by the Government.
  • Should submit an official request letter explaining about the activities of the company,
  • Should submit all the important documents of its registration as per the laws of company’s’ registration in Tanzania
  • Should attach documents proving tax payment to the government,
  • Before requesting to be registered it should have reached two years or more in operation,
  • Only permanently employed workers will be able to be registered. Employees on contract will be registered if they have a contract lasting a period of one or more years;
  • Any employer registered by the National Health Insurance Fund is required to implement all rules, regulations and laws of the National Health Insurance Fund.

Contribution Arrangements
The system of contribution for employees in private companies does not differ with those of employees in the public sector. In this group an employee contributes 3% of his monthly salary and the employer contributes 3% of the same amount.

Cessation Of Membership
A private company will cease membership in the following circumstances:

  • Bankruptcy of the company
  • Failing to meets its obligations as stated in the contract and laws of the Fund,
  • Command of the court.

Cessation Of Membership For An Employee Of A Private Company
An employee of a private company who is a member of the National Health Insurance Fund will cease membership due to:

  • His/her death
  • Resignation or termination
  • Cessation of operation of the company he/she was employed
  • Retirement as by the law