The member is required to complete registration form NHIF 1 indicating the members name, spouses name and children or legal dependants (up to four).

The dully filled Form NHIF 1 needs to be accompanied with 3 passport size photographs of each member of the family registered in the form.

If the spouse is also a civil servant the Fund recognizes his/her rights as a principal member hence shall equally complete registration formalities by filling in form NHIF1 and list his/her legal dependants.

The law requires members to contribute 3% of their salaries every month and likewise the Employer is also required to contribute 3%. The Employer is therefore required to remit to the Fund a total of 6%.


Waiting Period

The member has the right to benefit under the scheme after contributing to the Fund for three consecutive months.


Identity Card

The Fund provides a portable membership card free of charge. In case the card is misplaced or lost the member will be required to apply for a duplicate card with testimony for the loss e.g. Police Report. The Fund charges TShs. 20,000.00 for the processing of the Identity card. See the ID sample

Added this on 5th June 2012

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